About this Blog

A whole new game – Consulting

This blog is presented to provide content and context relevant to the  Management Consulting market.  There are two general topical areas that will be a common theme:

  • Change Management
  • Training and Learning

Many of the authors and principle contributors to this blog are current or past members of the management consultant profession. And many of us, believe the following:  In 21st Century global business, the roles and responsibilities of the Business Management Consulting profession are changing, perhaps rapidly evolving.

Now of course, there is a part of our role that may never change. We basically are still in the business of helping organizations improve their performance — mainly  through the analysis of existing problems and development of plans for improvement.

However, many of us believe that the way we are being viewed and employed by our current clients (and potential clients) has noticeably changed over the past 10-15 years.

By posting ideas, thoughts, vignettes, observations, etc., about what we are hearing, seeing and learning… we hope to collectively afford our peers and colleagues information that may help. If this blog helps you the practitioner, or you the client, or you the innocent bystander… then that is a good thing.

If we are correct in our assumption that the consulting profession itself is evolving, then we are “practicing what we preach”… trying to improve our own performance.

If we are not correct, if our profession is really no different than it has always been… then those who sometimes liken consulting to the “oldest profession” may be correct after all.  (See forthcoming post: “Is consulting the oldest profession?”)

Hope you enjoy the content, and I-N: Context.


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