Definition of a “Super Team”

Overcoming an unnatural human tendency

On June 15, 2011, this Blog posted an article… “Teamwork-between-teams is an unnatural human tendency“. Is there a solution to overcoming this unnatural human tendency?

“When it is highly important  for two or more specific business teams involved in critical part of your business, to improve their combined business performance… turn the two teams into a Super Team.”

Definition – In every sense of the term ‘super’

The dictionary defines super,  “…of the highest degree, power, etc.; of an extreme degree.”

We coined the term Super Team to imply firstly, that two (or more) existing teams can be combined together to form an entirely different level, or higher power of a team… i.e., a super team.

But the word super also can imply superlative characteristics such as superior, outstanding, superb, cracking, brilliant, excellent, enhanced, topnotch, etc. Are we implying that a super team is also an entity that is somehow superior to the sub-teams that comprise it?

Inasmuch as the level of work performance, productivity, innovation, and other terms important to a business or organization… yes, a properly trained and well-executed Super Team is indeed superior to its constituent sub-teams.

Depending on the actual mandate of the Super Team, the Executive Leadership of the org should expect one or more of the following valuable results…. increased revenues, greater cost savings, superior planning and implementation, improved ideas and innovation, superior leadership, and many other possible positive outcomes.

And the object of a Super Team, these organizational benefits should not be expected to apply only within the domain of the two or more teams that comprise the Super Team. The whole point of a Super Team is to generate value beyond the bounds of the original teams’ part of the organization.  A Super Team is often intended to produce value for the entire company’s business or operational performance.

Value is for the whole company

For example, a sales team is combined with a sales support (engineering) team, to form a Super Team that not only helps assure the sales function accomplishes its objectives. The ‘selling’ Super Team is expected to propel the rest of the organization to greater heights for all the reasons one might expect…

  • They create more money that provides more options for the rest of the company,
  • They generate cost savings that also provide additional resource for other parts of the org,
  • They produce new product and solution ideas that help improve market positioning, etc.,
  • They work under an improved planning process that allows the other parts of the business to more proactively anticipate the needs,
  • And much more…

And the same kinds of benefits can be enjoyed for other kinds of Super Teams comprised of the following cross functions:

  1. R&D teams combined with Manufacturing teams
  2. Sales teams combined with Solutions and Delivery teams
  3. Sales teams combined with Financial teams
  4. Operational teams combined with IT teams
  5. Marketing teams combined with R&D teams
  6. Installation teams combined with Customer Service teams
  7. Sales teams combined with Customer teams (yes the company’s Customer actually forms a team with the Company’s own selling personnel to increase sales production for the business!)

A Super Team takes two or more existing teams and forms an improved organizational function, a business capability whose total is greater than the sum of the parts.

All of the 7 examples noted above — in combining existing teams to form Super Teams — have been successfully produced by the Clients of our own Super Team [consisting of the authors and associates of this Blog].

A gentle reminder

A Super Team is formed for these reasons, but again it should be reminded… it is an unnatural tendency for teams to work better together, than they do individually. This is where a Super Team program actively creates the circumstances and mind set within the company that allows the Super Team to excel to it’s level of superior work performance.


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