About the Editor

Robert Kim Wilson is an exceptional executive strategist, change agent, and enterprise leader with a 28 year track record of outstanding success in critical business and organizational development for virtually any size enterprise with major internal or marketplace challenges. His consistently superior performance across a broad spectrum of markets and technologies has in part, been an outgrowth of his lifelong studies of human performance and organizational dynamics – and their relationship with human cognition and information technologies. Wilson’s unique understanding of these complex dimensions lies with how they come together to create enterprise opportunity

Kim has this uncanny knack for looking at the same business environment the rest of us are watching, yet seeing it in a very different way… to offer methods and tools that few have imagined. There is a simple elegance about his solutions, and they really do work!  David James Clarke IV – VP & Founder at Toolwire

Kim has the unique problem solving skill of being able to jump back and forth at will, between thinking ‘inside’ and ‘outside of the box’ … and somehow bringing it together in a way that makes the rest of wonder, ‘why haven’t we been doing it this way all along?’  Lowell Transgrud – Former EVP & COO at Ditech Networks

For more information on Wilson please contact:

Robert Kim Wilson
Principal Partner in JLA Consulting International
Redefining Consultant Business Value
Principal Partner of Intelligence-NEXT:
The Corporate TLC Company (Training, Learning & Collaboration)
rkwilson@jlaci.com or kim.wilson@intelligence-next.com


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